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Bahk Jong Sun focuses the most on his design is minimalism and moderation; it is hardly recognized excessive elements or artistic imagination as sculptural object in his works. What he tries to suggest is absolute horizontality and verticality as well as precisely elaborate efficiency. Based on the aesthetics of the simplicity and the beauty of the traditional Korean house, Hanok, and the gentleman's furniture in the 17~18th centuries, he combines with his experimentalism with practicality of Scandinavian designs and Shaker style. Bahk follows the philosophy “emptying,” valued by Joseon Dynasty scholars, who pursued a practical aesthetic based on Confucian principles. Going beyond modesty to appeal through sheer simplicity, Bahk’s creations take their motif from Joseon furniture. They inherit the distinctive philosophy of the Seonbi, or virtuous scholar, and thus prioritize functionality over adornment.

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